eStarling Frame not so picture-perfect

Chris Davies - Dec 23, 2006

I almost linked to this glowing review of the eStarling Digital Photo frame yesterday, but it slipped my mind.  Now I’m glad it did, since Gizmodo have taken a look at the display in the meantime and roundly trashed it.  In no particular order, the eStarling looks ugly, has an oddly-shaped and low-res display, is over-logo’d, relies on a protruding (and unreliable) wireless dongle, oh, and it’s starting to smell funny.

This is a shame, because you might remember that I was quite impressed by the frame’s specs back when Think Geek started selling it in November, and was looking forward to getting one in to review. 

eStarling Digital Photo Frame

eStarling Digital Photo Frame

eStarling Hands-On Update: Buyer Beware [Gizmodo]

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