ESPN on Apple TV can now stream four live games at once

Home TVs are bigger than ever and here to take full advantage of the size is ESPN's new Apple TV app. Though the ESPN app for tvOS itself isn't new, this latest update brings a feature called MultiCast. Users can now stream up to four live games at the same time on the same display, doing so in various arrangements such as two side-by-side games or four with one in each corner.

ESPN explains that there are five different ways to watch up to four live streaming games at the same time using its app and Apple TV. One example is a live game in a large window taking up half the screen, as well as two others in smaller screens off to the side. All four games can be shown at once by putting one in each corner, though two can also be put next to each other.

ESPN demonstrates the new MultiCast viewing arrangements in the video above. Users can access the feature by pulling up the app, clicking on 'Watch' to enter the full screen mode, then pressing and holding to go into MultiCast. From there, more than 30 live streaming events from various ESPN networks will be presented.

Viewers can scroll through those games via a ribbon at the bottom of the display. When you find one you want to watch, just click on it to add it to the display. The on-screen arrangement will be automatically chosen based on how many games you're watching at once. However, there are also options at the top of the screen.

In addition to the arrangements mentioned above, the system supports picture-in-picture for overlaying a small video window in the corner over the top of a full-screen video window. Users have control over which audio feed they want to listen to at any given moment. To get the MultiCast feature yourself, be sure to update your app.