ESPN+ is getting more expensive for new subscribers

Disney's ESPN+, the streaming version of the popular sports network, is getting a price increase...but only for new customers. Existing subscribers will continue to pay the $4.99/month rate they signed up for, but that will only last for around a year, after which point the price increase will roll their way, as well. ESPN+ remains a bundled option with Disney+ and Hulu, the trio of which cost $12.99/month combined.

Last month, a leak first revealed the plans to increase ESPN+'s monthly price, something that is now official, according to Variety. The cost increase isn't substantial at one dollar — new customers will now pay $5.99/month instead of the $4.99/month that existing customers will continue to pay for the foreseeable future.

Existing customers will get to stay at their regular price for at least the next 12 months, though obviously you must remain subscribed to the service to keep that lower rate. Disney's bundle that includes ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu will remain at its regular $12.99/month rate, making it slightly more appealing to new customers.

As with Disney+ and, more recently Hulu, ESPN+ also includes an annual subscription option, which will remain at its usual $49.99 price, making it cheaper than paying monthly for those who know they'll be sticking with the streaming service long term.

ESPN+ has been around since 2018; this is its first price increase. It's unclear whether the primary goal of this price increase was to drive consumers to the annual subscription option or the trio bundle — the prices for both remain the same, after all. As mentioned, Hulu also launched its own annual subscription option this week, one that shaves two months' worth of cost off the overall subscription.