ESPN and NFL apps updated with On-Air feature and more

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 28, 2014, 8:12 pm CDT
ESPN and NFL apps updated with On-Air feature and more

Need your sports fix no matter where you’re at? NFL and ESPN have both updated their own respective apps, giving enthusiasts access to some new features — most notably one called On-Air — as well as better overall access to live game broadcasts.

The apps for both iOS and Android have been updated. With the updated ESPN SportsCenter app, users will get a new feature called On-Air, which provides access to real-time broadcasts of certain events. It works using both WatchESPN and ESPN Radio, pulling up whichever is streaming the desired broadcast.

The NFL’s update, meanwhile, applies to Verizon users, who will be able to watch local Sunday games live on their mobile, as well as primetime games on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. More Everything subscribers can upgrade to NFL Redzone for $2 monthly, while Verizon Premium users will be able to stream FOX and CBS games.

Some design changes have taken place to ESPN’s app that speeds up seeing scores, and over all the SportCenter app’s performance should be boosted after updating. You can grab either update from your platform’s designated app store.

VIA: Digital Trends

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