Ericsson achieves three HSPA records

This morning Ericsson stated they had achieved three new HSPA (high speed packet access) speed records. The first was using a multi-carrier HSPA that reached 168Mbps on the download and 24Mbps on the uplink. The record speeds were done using a prototype consumer device and commercial network equipment.

The second record used a dual-carrier HSPA and attained a 84Mbps downlink with commercial network products. The dual-carrier HSPA used two 5Mhz carriers in connecting to the consumer, doubling the maximum speed possible by today's fastest commercial HSPA networks.

The last record was for single-carrier HSPA hit 42Mbps using commercial products on both ends and a single 5Mhz carrier.

"These three achievements are the latest additions to our long list of world firsts in HSPA, demonstrating our technology leadership," said Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and Head of Product Area Radio at Ericsson. "For many years we have focused on the evolution of HSPA and it is rewarding to see the industry-wide support for HSPA Evolution is now stronger than ever Ericsson's Evo RAN brings EDGE, HSPA, and LTE together in one strong, industry-leading offering. The potential for HSPA is even larger and 3GPP is already looking at even higher HSPA speeds."

Ericsson says actual customer speeds will be lower than the ones demonstrated today and will vary depending on certain conditions. The company also expects to put the single-carrier and dual-carrier HSPA into service within this year, followed by the higher speed HSPA in the future.

[Via Ericsson]