Erick Tseng Begins a New Exciting Career With Facebook

Evan Selleck - May 12, 2010
Erick Tseng Begins a New Exciting Career With Facebook

Didn’t see that one coming, now did you? Thanks to a new tweet from the man himself, Google’s Android team just took a significant hit in the gut. Erick Tseng, Senior Product Manager for Google, has just made a pretty big announcement, courtesy of his personal Twitter account. And guess what? He’s not going to Apple.

“About to begin a new, exciting chapter in my life. Heading to Facebook on Monday to help innovate at the intersect of mobile and social.” Very interesting indeed. Especially considering how instrumental Tseng has been to the Android development, in addition to its presence in the market.

Not much else to go on here, so let’s just take it for what it’s worth. Erick Tseng has left Google to try his footing at Facebook, and we are going to go ahead and wish him the best of luck. It will be good to see him have the same success at Facebook as he did at Google, surely. And if anyone can make that happen, he is one of those individuals.

[via Twitter]

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