Erbe Planter is also a grill and perhaps the worst idea ever

In Texas, grilling is a big deal, most of the outdoor events we have around here involves cooking up something on the grill. If you live in a place where you have a small patio or don't have room for a normal grill the Erbe planter/Grill combo might seem like a good idea. The thing looks like one of those terracotta planters that pretty much everyone has on their patio in an apartment complex. This one holds a pant on top and has a grill underneath.

The grill is a strange pattern with holes all in it rather than the normal long straight wires. That means your steaks will have a weird circular pattern on them rather than the traditional grill lines. It also means your hot dogs won't fall into the ash, which is an upside. The thing that really trips me out about this grill is the fact that I can see some idiot setting his plant on fire. Someone somewhere will not want to wait for the grill to cool before they put the plant back on top.

The charcoal under a layer of ash can stay hot for a long time so it would seem this thing would be a bit of a fire hazard. Especially if your plant growing skills are like mine and you forget to water the plant for say a month or so and it turns yellow and dry. The other thing that is bothersome about this Erbe Planter/grill is that it costs $124.

[via RedFerret]