Equil Smartpen now available, digitizing your notes in real-time

Truly mobile note taking can be possible without your device camera. While some simply take a photo of their notes and save to the cloud, the Equil Smartpen aims to digitize your notes as you write them. Even better, you get advanced editing features, making it useful in all kinds of circumstances. A device we saw at CES, the Equil is now available for purchase.

A stylus/pen serve as your hands-on method for making notes happen, while a clip-on scanner digitize the action. The stylus holds line-of-sight with the clip-on scanner, and your notes are translated to your tablet or smartphone in near real-time.

The Bluetooth connection makes sure you can connect with your tablet, smartphone, or desktop. For easier use, Equi has also worked in some gestures, so you never have to take your hand off the pen to command features in the app. The triangular case keeps everything at the ready and compact, so the Smartpen is ready to go when and where you are.

An accompanying app power the advanced editing features, which make it extremely useful for artistic flair after the fact. Sketch out your inspiration on paper, and add color to it digitally. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and desktop users on OS X can also take full advantage.

The benefit of an Equil Smartpen is that you can take notes with an actual pen (theirs), on any kind of paper you like. A cloud storage solution keeps things handy from your mobile device or desktop, and editing features make sure you finish your concept without having to leave their ecosystem. It's a great option for keeping your thoughts digital, but still personal.

The set-up retails for $149.99, and can be found at Amazon or Apple.

Source: Equil