ePVision launches PHD-205LE set top box

Set top boxes are very common today to pick up over the air HD broadcasts and to view cable channels. If you live in an area where broadcasters transmit over the air HD signals you may need a set top box to send those signals to your TV. ePVision has announced a new HDTV receiver called the PHD-205LE that offers lots of connectivity and features.

The device has an ATI video MPEG2 decoder chip and a 3D graphics engine. The box supports 1080i and 720p digital HD channels and sports an HDMI 1.3b output. Other features include OTA ATSC digital channel capability and support for Clear QAM digital cable channels.

The box also supports pass through of analog NTSC channels from RF to TV. Connectivity options include HDMI, component, VGA, composite, and S-video. Audio connectivity includes stereo L/R and a single optical audio out. The box is available now for $139.95.