Epson VS230, VS330, and VS335W projectors support USB Plug ‘n Play

Shane McGlaun - Dec 19, 2013, 5:27 am CST
Epson VS230, VS330, and VS335W projectors support USB Plug ‘n Play

Epson has rolled out a new line of projectors that aim at business users that are shopping on a budget. The projectors include the VS230, VS330, and VS335W and they start at under $400 making them inexpensive. The VS-series projectors share many common features and vary in resolution and brightness ratings.

The entry level VS230 projector has a brightness rating of 2800 lumens for color and white brightness with SVGA resolution. That projector sells for $359. The VS330 projector costs $429 and has 2700 lumens of color and white brightness. The native resolution for the VS330 is XGA.

The last of the projectors is the high-end VS335W supporting WXGA resolution. The projector has 2700 lumens of white and color brightness and costs $529. All of the projectors have lens zoom and control with automatic vertical keystone correction.

The projectors support USB Plug ‘n Play allowing them all to instantly show video from PC or Mac computers via a USB connection. The projectors also have HDMI connectivity and direct power on and off. The projectors use 3LCD technology and all three will launch in January online and in retail stores.


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