Epson Runsense SF-110 wearable monitors activities with GPS

Epson has launched a new fitness wearable for runners called the Runsense SF-110. Epson is aiming the watch at runner, hikers, and fitness fans wanting to track workouts and monitor daily activity with one device. The SF-110 has GPS tech inside and can measure steps, calories burned, distance, pace, time, laps, and altitude.

The wearable is water resistant and comes in three colors including black, green, and blue. The screens are customizable with nine different real-time measurements able to be placed on the screen for users to check out at a glance.

Data recorded with the watch can be synched with the Epson Run Connect mobile app that is available for Android and iOS users. The data is also compatible with running apps like MapMyRun, Strava and others. Epson promises that the battery inside the wearable is good for seven days of fitness tracking or ten days with GPS on.

An integrated accelerometer counts steps while you exercise. While the device is water resistant, it isn't designed to track swimming or water activities. Users can turn on AGPS via the Run connect app to speed initial GPS connections. Pricing for the SF-110 is $139 and the watch is available now.