Epson Outs Stylus NX430 Small-In-One Printer

Epson has rolled out a new printer that will go perfectly with that space saving AIO computer you have. The new Epson printer is the NX430 and while it is an all in one printer, Epson calls the printer a small-in-one because of its small size. The machine measures in at 15.4" x 11.8" x 5.7" and it weighs 9 pounds. That makes the printer considerably smaller than other AIO printers on the market. The printer is fully featured as well.

It has integrated Epson Wireless connectivity to allow the user to print directly from their network. The wireless connectivity supports networks up to 802.11n speed. The NX430 also supports cloud printing and it can print email sent from a smartphone as well as photos, documents, and websites. The printer has a 2.5-inch LCD and smart touch panel for selecting and printing photos.

It has separate color ink cartridges and the inks are instant drying to prevent smears and smudges. The ink is also water resistant on all paper types. The printer has tech to correct photos automatically. It can scan with 2400dpi resolution for photos and documents. The print speeds are ISO 6.2ppm in black and 3.2 ppm in color. The printer will ship this month for $99.99.