Epson launches four home theater projectors for pandemic movie nights

If you're craving a theater-like experience but aren't willing to risk a trip to the local cinema, you've likely considered buying a projector. Here with four enticing options is Epson and its new Home Cinema projector models, the 880, 1080, 2200, 2250. All four projectors are relatively inexpensive and designed for home theaters.

All four new Epson Home Cinema projectors feature Full HD / 1080p picture resolution, with the 880 and 1080 models offering 3,300 and 3,400 lumens, respectively, while the 2200 and 2250 models both offer 2,700 lumens. Only the two higher-end models — the 2200 and 2250 — have Android TV built in. Likewise, these two models include image frame interpolation, 35,000:1 and 70,000:1 contrast ratio, and the 22500 model specifically has lens shift support.

All four Home Cinema models sport the company's three-chip 3LCD technology alongside dynamic contrast ratio for what Epson says is 'vivid, true-to-life content.' Likewise, all four have user-selectable color modes and built-in speakers, though the lower two models only have 2-watt speakers while the two higher-end models have 10-watt bass reflex speakers.

There are some other notable feature differences between the models; the two higher-end projectors both feature Bluetooth connectivity, for example, as well as gamma uplift and support for 21:9 aspect ratio. Other differences include a fixed focus on the 880 model, while the 1080 and 2200 models have 1.2x zoom and the 2250 model has 1.6x zoom.

Though these models won't compete with the high-end 4K HDR home projectors, Epson's new lineup is priced comfortably enough for many consumers looking to replace their television. The four new projectors are available now at the following prices:

- Epson Home Cinema 880: $599.99 USD

- Epson Home Cinema 1080: $749.99 USD

- Epson Home Cinema 2200: $899.99 USD

- Epson Home Cinema 2250: $999.99 USD