Epson BrightLink 455Wi interactive digital projector can work on a wall or a table

Epson has unveiled a new digital projector for the classroom or the boardroom that is a dual function device. The projector is the BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector and it is designed to throw an image on a wall or screen and can throw the image straight down at a table. The 455Wi also has a pen for interaction with the projected content.

The projector is an ultra short throw unit that can throw an image onto a whiteboard, wall, table, or other smooth and light color surface. The device has flexibility with installation allowing the usable interactive areas to be WXGA resolution for 55" to 96" diagonally or XGA at 55" to 85" diagonally. The projector has 2500 lumens of color and white light output and is compatible with notebooks.

Epson offers accessories for the projector that allow it to be mounted to a table, and it can be mounted to a height adjustable cart designed just for the projector. The table mode sounds really cool and turns any table into an interactive surface for working with small groups of students. The students can play games on the table top and more. The projector can be mounted as little as 2.8" from the wall and from 10" away it is able to throw and 80" image. The projector uses 3LCD tech and it is available right now for $2199 or through the Brighter Futures program for schools for $1699.