Epson announces new PowerLite 420, 425W, 430, and 435W digital projectors

Epson has announced a new line of projectors that are in the PowerLite family. The new projectors include the PowerLite 420, 425W, 430, and 435W. The new offerings are all made for short throw distances and to be bright. Brightness is important since this sort of projector is often used in a classroom or office when it is bright. The projector line starts at $949.

The 420 is the $949 unit, the 425W sells for $1,049, the 430 is $1,049, and the 435W is $1,149. They can be wall or ceiling mounted and are made to project onto a blackboard or a whiteboard. The 430 and 435W are both 3,000 lumen projectors with the other two having 2,500 lumens of brightness. The 420 and 430 are XGA resolution projectors with the 425W and 435W offering WXGA resolution.

All of the projectors have lots of connectivity with HDMI, RJ-45 ports, and USB ports. The line also has a 16W internal speaker, the ability to show things without a computer, and direct power on and off controls. The projectors also have 3LCD technology allowing for more flexible installations. The new line will launch in late-November.