Epson announces new ES1000 ultraportable projector screen

Shane McGlaun - Feb 15, 2011
Epson announces new ES1000 ultraportable projector screen

There are loads of ultraportable projectors on the market today that business users and others can take with them on the road easily to give presentations. Once it comes time to use the projector most people end up just using a wall because a screen isn’t available. Epson has a slick new ultraportable screen for these users that will be much better than using a wall.

The new screen is called the ES1000 Ultra Portable Tabletop Projector Screen and it is 50-inches wide. The screen is designed to be set up on a tabletop in about 30 seconds and weighs only 6.5 pounds making it easy to carry with you to a meeting or presentation.

The screen closes into a case that is 34.5-inches long and is sized to fit easily into the overhead bin on an airplane. The screen material is bright white and promises a clear and bright image when used. You can get the ES1000 right now for $129.99.

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