Epson and Thinxtream offer free app for PrintJinni printing from iOS4.2 devices

If you have an iPad or iPhone that is running iOS4.2 and you want to be able to print directly from your Apple device wirelessly Epson and Thinxtream have teamed up for a free PrintJinni app that will let you do just that. The app allows for previewing and printing directly to any Epson wireless AIO printer on the market.

The app will work on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Using the app the user can print things like Office documents, PDF files, JPEG photos, email, and all sorts of attachments from email. The app connects the Apple device to the Epson wireless printer using a WiFi network in the home of office.

The app has been around for a while now, so the app in itself isn't new. What is new is the price. Right now, the app costs $6.99. Epson reports that once the App Store processes a price change the app will be offered free to all users. The change is expected to be made in the US and Canada by the end of December.