Epitaph bike looks like Orville and Wilbur made it

The last crazy looking bike I talked about was that wooden bike made out of black walnut wood. It was a work of art as much as a method of transport. Another new bike has turned up that looks very old school. It looks like something that the Wright brothers might have torn the wheels off to make their first airplane. The bike is called the Epitaph Cruiser.

Other than the old-fashioned looks of the bike, the big feature is that it has four wheels. The wheels are touching side-by-side so it still looks like a two-wheeler. The bike is a limited edition with only 12 being made. The bike is built in the US and has a hand crafted leather seat. The rims that hold the dual tires are custom made.

The handles and the frame insert are also covered in the same leather. The laser engraved number in the 12-unit run is printed on the seat. If you want your own version of this bike, you can get it for $2,950. That makes it about half the cost of that wooden bike I mentioned before.

[via Born Rich]