Beautiful wooden bike made from black American walnut costs $6,000

If you like to ride bicycles for fun and have a taste for it odds are you have a very nice bike, not something you bought down at Walmart. If you are a well to do cyclist you might want something that is very different from any one riding in your group. You might find this bike with a frame made from black walnut wood appealing.

The bike is made by Lagomorph designs and it is one of the best-looking bikes I have ever seen. The bike is a single speed though so it might not be up to the hardcore riders needs. Other features include aluminum dropouts and fittings that are custom made by the company. The bike also uses high-end components in the build making it suited to the wealthy rider.

The rims the bike uses are strong and the brakes use titanium hardware. The company also allows the buyer to customize the bike as well. The frame, forks, headset, and stems are available individually for $3,500 and the full bike will cost $6,000.

[via Born Rich]