Epic's next Fortography challenge seeks your best Fortnite builds

Now that Epic has revealed its favorite Predator shots, the company is back challenging Fortnite players to send in their best builds — and in this case, it means the best structures you've built, not videos of you quickly ramping up. This is the latest Fortography challenge, joining the showcase of Epic's favorite Predator-themed images.

The Fortography challenge is exactly what it sounds like: a photography challenge for Fortnite players that tasks them with capturing the best images from their gameplay. Epic is issuing challenges as part of its Fortography effort, specifying which themes or subjects the images should focus on.

In this latest challenge, Epic says it wants to see your best architecture. Using only one of the three building materials (wood, stone, and metal), players are tasked with building something impressive, capturing a screenshot, and posting it on social media with the hashtag "#Fortography."

The company will pick the ones it finds most interesting and highlight them for others to enjoy. Are you all out of ideas? Epic suggests that you could, perhaps, attempt to recreate one of the wonders of the world out of the building materials, or maybe something equally impressive like a five-star hotel.

While you won't win any prizes, you can expect to be included in the next showcase if Epic selects your image. If you participated in the previous Predator-themed Fortography challenge, you can head over to Epic's website to see the winning selections.