Epic's latest Fortography challenge is all about survivalism

The latest Fortnite season is all about survival, and so it's no surprise that Epic has made that the theme of its next Fortography challenge. Players are tasked with getting their best in-game shots showing off survival in the newly refreshed, primal battle royale island, which now includes wildlife and more.

Last week brought Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6, which is called 'Primal.' The season name refers to the big change that took place following the Zero Point event, one that threw the island into a post-apocalyptic state full of broken-down rusty cars, old relics, and primitive cities.

Some major changes came with the new season, including makeshift weapons that can be crafted using mechanical parts and bone fragments, including wildlife that can be hunted for materials or befriended for protection. At this point in time, the wildlife includes wolves, boars, and chickens, plus the consumable fish remain.

With the season now underway, Epic has announced its next Fortography challenge, which tasks players with capturing in-game images pertaining to each challenge's theme — and this one is about survival.

As with past challenges, players can share their screenshots on social media using the #Fortography hashtag to bring it to Epic's attention. The company will review the submissions and select the ones they like best, sharing them more broadly with other Fortnite players.