Epic will give Fortnite players Hulk gear for playing Avengers beta game

Epic's hit battle royale game has received another superhero tie-in, this one in the form of a new pickaxe and style related to a different game: Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix. The game itself isn't launching until early September, but a beta version is available now for players who have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. How do you get the new Fortnite items? Complete certain challenges in the Marvel's Avengers beta.Marvel's Avengers is exactly what it sounds like — a video game based on the popular Avengers superheroes. The new Fortnite tie-in is undoubtedly a promotion for this game, serving as a way to get players to download the beta and check out the new superhero title before it hits the market on September 4 (it is available to pre-order now).

In an announcement on its website, Epic Games said that its players will need to download the Marvel's Avengers beta from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live — the available beta dates will depend on whether you've pre-ordered the game. Those who already purchased the superhero title will be able to play the beta on PS4 from August 7 to August 9.

The PlayStation Open Beta will be live from August 14 to 16, the same dates the Xbox One beta will arrive for those who pre-ordered the game. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will both have access to an open beta period from August 21 to 23, as well.

You'll need to link your console to both Epic Games and Square Enix accounts as explained in Epic's announcement. After doing that, players will get the Hulkbuster Style and Hulk Smashers Pickaxe by completing three HARM Challenges in Marvel's Avengers by August 23.