Epic wants to see Fortnite players' best UFO photography

Epic has announced its first Fortography contest for its new Chapter 2 – Season 7. This new challenge, as you'd expect, revolves around the new alien theme in the game, including its UFOs, futuristic weapons, and alien characters. It's no surprise that Epic is making this theme the subject of its Fortography challenge kicking off this season.

Epic has been issuing Fortography challenges for a while. Players are tasked with capturing notable shots from the battle royale island, ones that fit a specific theme the company periodically announces on social media. The company monitors the images that players submit and highlights the ones it likes the most on its blog.

For its first challenge this season, Epic is calling on players to submit their best 'Chapter 2 Season 7 screenshots,' meaning you've got considerable freedom in what you choose to 'photograph.' The company does indicate that the screenshots should revolve around the new items and characters introduced with the new season, such as battles involving the futuristic weapons or dramatic shots with UFOs.

As with past challenges, players will need to submit their screenshots on Twitter using the #Fortography hashtag, though Epic says it will also be watching for screenshots posted on the FortNiteBR subreddit that feature the Fortography flair. The chosen screenshots will be shared on the Fortnite blog on June 25.

While you can capture the screenshots during gameplay, it is easier to play a game, then scrub back through recordings of the matches to find a particularly dramatic or interesting scene. Players can use the game's Replay mode to change the camera's position, offering scenes that aren't ordinarily available in gameplay videos.