Epic wants Fortnite players to send their best Stealthy Stronghold images

Epic is back with another #Fortography theme, this time seeking players' best images of the 'Stealthy Stronghold' location from which the Predator emerges. This isn't the first time the company has sought interesting images from players with the company explaining back in early December that it wants 'more than just a gameplay photo.'

As Epic explained last month, it seeks 'an instance of cinematic action' when it puts out calls for Fortography images. This means moments that are more than just a game screenshot, but rather ones that look like they could have been pulled from a movie, ones that seem to tell some variety of story when viewed.

On January 22, the company put out the latest theme for its Fortography effort, asking for images featuring Stealthy Stronghold — the new POI that is surrounded by a giant wall and themed after a set in the first Predator movie. The company says the images can include the Predator if you'd like.

Epic recently added the Predator to Fortnite, something quickly followed by the addition of Terminator and Sarah Connor skins. Regardless of whether you share an image featuring the Predator, you should make sure it doesn't have any display names in it.

How do you get these images? Head into the game's Replay mode and tap the 'Replays' button within the Career tab. You can scan through your games, move the camera, and take screenshots of scenes that you think look appropriate. Tweet the images using the #Fortography hashtag to bring them to Epic's attention.