Epic VR documentary asks: "what is virtual reality?"

This week the folks at Epic Games have debuted their first documentary series for the virtual reality environment. Not IN the virtual reality realm, but about it. In service to virtual reality, this series of videos will show the world what virtual reality is all about. The first episode goes by the name "A Sense of Presence: What is Virtual Reality?" and attempts to answer just that – in a very short span of time. One of the most major doors VR still needs to unlock for most people is a simple understanding of what this technology is – this video attempts to be the first key.

The first person you're going to see in this series – in this first video – is Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri. He goes about bringing you in to this virtual realm by explaining the impact he believes the technology will have. He equates VR to the dawn of a new age through technology.

"Through the history of the human race, whenever somebody finds a new piece of technology, whether it be oil paints, or fire, or anything, it spurs a whole bunch of new creative possibilities," said Libreri. "It gives us something that has only been possible in our mind before. When you dream, or when you imagine things, it allows that imagination to really, really be, viscerally, beamed to an audience member, that they can be part of that vision."

You'll also see Sam Macaroni explain the feeling of experiencing "Showdown Demo" from Epic Games. We had our own experience with this demonstration of VR power with Unreal Engine 4 back in September of 2014. Have a peek at our original Showdown Demo, then have a peek at the video (flat video, in this case), below.

And stick around our Epic Games tag portal for more in this series of documentary episodes as well – coming up soon!