Epic tells Fortnite players to hold off on iOS 13 beta for now

The iOS 13 public beta has been available for a couple of weeks at this point, but if you make a habit of playing Fortnite on your iPhone, you might want to hold off on installing it. As it turns out, the iOS 13 beta can cause stability issues within the game, which obviously is not ideal considering how fast-paced Fortnite can be. For this reason, Epic is warning users away from the iOS 13 public beta, at least for the time being.

Epic sent that warning out by way of a tweet earlier today. You can see the short-and-sweet tweet embedded below. Epic doesn't go into any detail about the cause behind these stability issues, nor does it give us any indication of when we can expect a fix.

That isn't really surprising, though. In addition to giving users an early look at upcoming versions of iOS, these betas are also intended to give developers time to prepare updates for their apps and games before the new version goes live. In iOS 13's case, that won't happen until later this year, so Epic probably doesn't have its Fortnite optimizations for iOS 13 in place yet.

So, if you're an iOS user, you should probably just wait until iOS 13 goes live for everybody and install it then, as tempting as it may be to install the beta now. If you do decide to install the beta and find that Fortnite doesn't run well as a result, the good news is that Fortnite is playable on a wide variety of platforms, so you have options for getting your fix while you wait for Epic to iron these issues out.

Earlier this week, Epic added the Air Strike item to the game, which allows you rain missiles down from the sky and destroy players and structures alike. There are also a number of different Fortnite PS4 bundles launching later this month, so it's been a pretty busy summer for Fortnite so far.