Epic strongly suggests G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes is coming to Fortnite

That didn't take long. Only days after it released the Sarah Connor, Terminator, and Predator skins come two official teasers from Epic on which hunter will be added next — and all signs point toward a G.I. Joe crossover, specifically with the team's most popular character Snake Eyes. When it will hit the Item Shop remains a mystery, however.

Many Fortnite leaks arrive from game data-miners, but sometimes Epic releases something that teases its upcoming plans. We saw that with the Predator crossover in the form of teasers in Stealthy Stronghold and a 'transmission' clip shared on the official Fortnite Twitter account.

Epic has repeated that method of hinting at the next hunter; earlier today, it published another audio transmission, this one featuring Agent Jonesy talking about the next hunters he found — and he's likely referring to the G.I. Joe team. Why do we assume that?

The transmission ends with the phrase, "And knowing is half the battle." Sound familiar? That's probably because you've heard it before during the end-of-episode PSAs that were given in the old G.I. Joe cartoon. That all but confirms that Epic will soon add at least one G.I. Joe team member to the game soon.

In addition, Epic's Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard recently published an image of himself reading a comic book without any context; fans assume this is further teasing the G.I. Joe crossover. It wouldn't be the first time Mustard has hinted at Fortnite changes on his Twitter account.