Epic says it will fix incredibly annoying Fortnite teammate bug

If you've attempted to play Fortnite's Team Rumble mode at any point today, you've likely had to deal with an annoying, confusing bug. Players are reporting that teammate arrows aren't appearing properly in the game mode, making it impossible to tell whether they're near one of their own teammates or an opponent. Epic has acknowledged the bug and is working on getting a fix out.

If you get into a game of Team Rumble, you will likely notice that some players around you do not have arrows over their heads, which is the indicator used to show whether someone is on your team. This has resulted in a number of players attacking their own teammates, only to wonder if something is wrong with their weapon when it fails to cause damage.

The arrows eventually appear for players, indicating that the problem has something to do with leaving the Battle Bus. One player complained about the bug on the FortniteBR subreddit, where other users chimed with similar reports of the missing arrow.

In response, an Epic employee acknowledged the reports and said that the company is looking into the problem. The company's public Trello board, which is where it lists all of the known Fortnite issues and related info, shows the bug with a 'yellow' priority, which is mid-level.

According to that Trello listing, Epic will release the fix for this problem in the next game update. Unfortunately, the board doesn't state when that release will be available and there aren't any workarounds at this time. As such, players will just have to deal with not knowing who is the enemy and who is the teammate.