Epic nerfs Fortnite Burst SMG structure damage for some reason

When Epic Games nerfs a Fortnite weapon, it's typically the result of players complaining about it being overpowered. This time, however, players are grumbling about Epic's decision to reduce the structure damage caused by its new Burst SMG weapon, stating that it makes the marginally useful weapon even less appealing than it started.

Epic has made many adjustments to Fortnite's in-game elements, including the respective durability of building materials and a number of weapons. In instances where a weapon is seriously overpowered, rarely used, or simply made redundant by new items, Epic has put items in the vault — the same place from which it recently re-launched the drum gun.

Since its arrival in recent days, most feedback surrounding the new Burst SMG has been lukewarm at best. A number of Fortnite players have expressed a lack of interest in the weapon, with complaints including excessive recoil, low accuracy, and low player damage.

The biggest reason to carry around this particular weapon was its structure damage capabilities, providing an effective way to take down forts when a drum gun isn't available. In a note published today on its Reddit account, Epic announced that it has released a hotfix that reduces the Burst SMG's structure damage, bringing it down from its original 25/27/28 to 23/24/25, which matches the weapon's base player damage.

A number of players have pointed out that with reduced structure damage, there's little appeal left with the Burst SMG, which pales in comparison to the destruction unleashed by the drum gun, the structural damage caused by the Boom Bow, or even the benefits of carrying around an RPG Launcher in the SMG's place.