Epic Mickey 2 developer spills the beans

Mark Raby - Mar 23, 2012
Epic Mickey 2 developer spills the beans

The sequel to Epic Mickey has been confirmed, and the excitement is already starting to spread. Now, the covers are really starting to be unraveled as developer Warren Spector begins to explain all the unique gameplay mechanics that will be part of the experience. In addition to being presented in HD, the sequel will be available to whole new customer segments. While the original Epic Mickey was only available on the Wii, the next entry will be on all three major consoles.

The new game’s official title will be Disney Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. As you might expect from that title, multiplayer gaming will be encouraged, with a full cooperative gameplay mechanic. In addition, developers hope to address some of the issues that plagued the preceding title. Specifically, many critics complained that Epic Mickey had awkward and unpleasant camera controls, which made navigating through levels an unnecessarily arduous process at times.

The biggest aspect of the game is the multiplayer aspect. So in a PlayStation Blog interview, Spector delved into just how Epic Mickey, which was a very extensive and intense single-player game, will be opened up to simultaneous cooperative play. There were many things Spector has been wanting to implement since the day he wrapped up the original game. The video of his interview is in the link below.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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