Epic just made it easier to upgrade makeshift weapons in Fortnite

Epic has pushed out some tweaks to Fortnite, including a couple of unvaulted weapons and, perhaps the best part for players invested in the crafting system, another big boost to the number of crafting parts in the game. The change addresses complaints from players who reported struggles getting enough bones or mechanical parts to upgrade their makeshift weapons.

According to Epic, your chance of finding crafting parts in floor loot has doubled — and that's in addition to the previous increase in floor loot odds the company rolled out in recent weeks. As well, destroying cars will now come with a 50-percent increase in the number of mechanical parts dropped.

This is an important change given the role crafting plays in the current season. With these components, players can quickly upgrade their weapons to more powerful alternatives and, in the case of bows, equip them with special capabilities like explosives. However, the season launched with scant crafting parts, forcing players to hunt for long periods of time to upgrade a single weapon.

In addition to the crafting parts increase, Epic says that Fortnite now has increased odds for loot in certain players, including Supply Drops, Bunker Chests, and Fishing Spots. The loot at these regions will favor Classic weapons, however.

Finally, Epic has also unvaulted two classic items, ones you can still use in Creative modes but that have been missing from battle royale for a while: the Tactical Shotgun and the Infantry Rifle. The latter weapon offers better accuracy and faster firing than the hunting rifle, giving players the closest thing to a 'sniper rifle' in Season 6, while the tactical shotgun lacks the burst nature of the makeshift alternative.