Epic just dropped a bunch of cryptic Fortnite messages on Twitter

Epic Games spent Sunday morning posting a thread of cryptic messages on the Fortnite Twitter account, ones seemingly part of the growing storyline leading us to its eventual conclusion. Players were caught off guard by the new communications, one that specifies the Fox Clan — and, you'll likely notice, the Fortnite Twitter avatar has been changed to a fox.

It's unclear what the messages are intended to convey, but they include mention of the skin Drift — and, as players have noted, all signs point toward the February 2021 Fortnite Crew subscription featuring a variant of Drift. Other players are suggesting there's something more to the messages, saying it would be disappointing if they're just a Crew bundle teaser.

The Fox Clan is, based on the tweets, the 'trackers' and they've seemingly been eliminated — all but one — by whatever was tracking them down. 'I know you don't know who I am,' one of the messages reads, indicating that players may soon be introduced to an entirely new character. Will that character be the next Crew skin or a newly added hunter joining the Predator, Terminator, and other additions?

Assuming the messages do refer to the upcoming Crew skin, you have only a week left of waiting before it arrives for subscribers. If it doesn't refer to the new Crew skin, then the messages may soon be joined by additional teasers that make it more clear what Epic is up to.

Fortnite Crew subscribers currently have access to the Green Arrow skin and related items, which will only be available for a few more days. You'll need the subscription to get whatever Epic releases for February, as well as the monthly 1,000 V-Bucks drop and the bundled Battle Pass, assuming you don't already have it.