Epic hints at dinosaurs coming to the Fortnite battle royale island

If you've spent any amount of time playing the new Primal season of Fortnite, you've likely come across two oddities: the Cuddle Fish, which appear to do nothing, and 'Raptor Eggs,' which can be broken apart to reveal a bunch of goo instead. What is the point of these items? Epic has explained how to use Cuddle Fish, and has also dropped a hint about the Raptor Eggs.

The Raptor Eggs are those giant eggs found near what appear to be dinosaur bones located in various wilderness regions on the battle royale map. They don't do anything right now — you can break them open with your pickaxe, but they just explode with goo and you don't get any items.

These are more than just fun props, though, at least based on a recent hint from Epic. In a blog post detailing some things to know about the new season, including how to craft certain weapons and use wildlife, the company briefly addressed the eggs, stating only:

We're not really sure we want to touch that one yet. You should stay away, too.

The wording strongly suggests that the eggs — which players are assuming are raptor eggs — will eventually hatch, unleashing dinosaurs onto the island. This wouldn't be particularly surprising given that Fortnite season 6 includes wildlife; as well, one of the season's images (above) shows a skin wearing what appears to be a raptor skull.

Meanwhile, what about those Cuddle Fish? They don't appear to do anything when you throw them, but that's the point. Epic explains that these fish can be tossed in places to use as 'traps' of sorts — they'll engage and go after opponents who get too close to them.