Epic Games teases TRON as the next Fortnite crossover

Epic Games has all but bluntly confirmed an upcoming Fortnite x TRON crossover. The revelation was, as with the previous Predator teaser, made in a recently published transmission from the game's Agent Jonesy as he details his arrival in yet another dimension. Though Epic hasn't explicitly said that TRON is inbound, there are a few good reasons to believe it is.

Every so often throughout its fifth season, Epic has published transmission logs on the Fortnite Twitter account. These transmissions are audio logs from Agency Jonesy as he searches other dimensions for 'hunters' to beam back to the battle royale island.

The most recent transmission, which Epic has labeled 'MCP-82,' features Jonesy talking about his latest arrival in a different reality, one that involves entering it through an old, dusty computer game. We hear the sound of motorcycles, as well as Jonesy's surprised exclamation, "Make yourself comfortable?"

That phrase is found on the loading screen for TRON, essentially confirming that this will be one of Fortnite's next crossovers. Likewise, the transmission log has the number 82, which likely refers to 1982, the year the first TRON movie was released.

This isn't the first time Epic has teased an upcoming crossover in the form of an audio transmission. The company hasn't yet revealed any images for the TRON arrival, however, nor has it stated when the crossover will arrive in the game.