Epic Games says it will fix Fortnite Season 8's slow XP problem

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is still fresh, but players have had access to it long enough to notice one big issue: it requires too much time and grinding to get enough XP for leveling up. The problem has become more apparent as players get into higher tiers, leading to complaints on social media and now, finally, a response from Epic Games.

If you've noticed that it is taking an unusual amount of time to get enough XP for receiving the next batch of Battle Stars, you're not the only one. It's unclear whether this slow grind is due to how the punch cards and quests are set up this season or if they're simply not rewarding players with enough XP to level up at a decent rate.

Epic hasn't shed light on the reason for the issue at this time, but did say in a tweet this week that it has "noticed" this season's XP rate "isn't where we'd like it to be." As a result, the company is currently working on improvements to the issue — hopefully ones that will increase the rate of XP gain going forward.

It'll take some time for these tweaks to arrive, with Epic promising to return on September 28 with details about the changes it is working on. The update will likely be announced as a follow-up tweet on the company's Fortnite Status website, though depending on how substantial they are, the company may detail them on the game's blog.

Until then, players can continue to play like usual, completing quests, acquiring in-game items like ammo boxes, and completing punch cards to earn XP. Each player's current XP progress is presented along the bottom of the screen as a glowing bar — once the bar is fully colored in, the player will receive Battle Stars to redeem for Battle Pass items.