Epic Games is opening a real-life Fortnite taco shop in Los Angeles

Epic Games is about to launch what will likely be its biggest real-life Fortnite promotion thus far: a fully functional taco pop-up shop. The store, which will only be open and operational for a limited time, is slated for Los Angeles, California, where residents and visitors alike will be able to enjoy a taco while pretending they're in the Fortnite universe.

The actual, physical Fortnite taco shop will be a pop-up destination in LA opened in partnership with Lebron James, according to LA Eater. The destination will be called El Rey's Taco Tuesday and it'll only be open for three days starting tomorrow.

Visitors can expect to see Fortnite-themed items in the pop-up restaurant (food truck? it's unclear), but the good news is that the food will be free. The event seems to be an extension of Epic Games' current Lebron x Fortnite tie-in; players can grab a skin based on the Lakers' basketball player in the game's Item Shop now.

The El Rey's Taco Tuesday pop-up destination will be available at 8175 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles starting at 1PM tomorrow, July 20, and remaining from 10AM to 8AM through Thursday. It's unclear where the tacos are coming from — whether they're prepared on-site or elsewhere. However, given the combination of free, Fortnite, and limited duration, visitors can likely expect long lines.

As we've come to expect, there's a leak involving the taco event and it includes an image of a promotional menu. We see the iconic taco from Fortnite, as well as a hashtag referring to Lebron James' availability in the battle royale game, plus dates and times for getting your own taco.