Epic details everything Fortnite players need to finish in one week

We're officially one week away from the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. For players that are still hoping to max out the Battle Pass and challenges, Epic has released a list of everything you should be sure to finish in the next seven days — including a few you might have forgotten about or never realized were an option.

As Epic previously detailed, players are able to 'super level' up the current Battle Pass, which expands beyond the 100 levels foundation. Players who super level will unlock special chromium, Runic, and gold styles for the Raz, Tarana, and Spire Assassin skins.

Players can also get a gold style for the Lara Croft skin by stealing a specific legendary assault rifle. As with the previous season, Epic reminds players that it will also reset their gold bars when Season 7 arrives, meaning there's no good reason to continue hoarding your gold bars.

Be sure to spend the bars over the next week — they can be particularly useful for completing some challenges by, for example, using them to pay for things like Rifts. Beyond this, players can also take on the difficult The Spire Questline challenge and fight Glyph Master Raz to get its style.

Epic notes that due to the difficulty, it will grant the style to players who unlock the Raz outfit (Battle Pass level 50) and then complete some progress in a Spire Quest. Head over to Epic's Fortnite blog for all of the last-minute details; the game's Chapter 2 – Season 7 will arrive on June 7.