Epic challenged Fortnite players to make short films: Here are the results

Epic Games announced a twist when it revealed its last Fortography challenge: it wasn't about images at all this time around, but rather videos and how creative players could make them using the game and its various assets. Fast-forward a few weeks and the company is back with the results, showcasing the player-made videos it liked the most.

Epic's battle royale game Fortnite features a huge number of characters, outfits, and emotes, among other things, enabling players to wear unique looks and perform a variety of actions. Those outfits and emotes are the central tools used by the players behind a new series of short films made in the game, all of them revolving around a Halloween theme.

Epic has shared the videos it liked the most in a new blog post, noting that it selected videos that followed the rules it established for its first Video Fortography challenge. The videos use various locations in Fortnite, as well as a mix of classic and more recent emotes and costumes to tell stories using emotion and music.

Some of the short videos are creepy, including a film from "GranbeFN" that was clearly inspired by slasher movies, more comical pieces like "Always Check Your Back" from "SteamyDucks," and a Japanese-narrated video about monsters returning Halloween to eat unsuspecting players' candy and treats.

Though anyone can participate in these challenges (for which the 'rewards' are merely bragging rights), players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation are at the greatest advantage due to one important feature: replay mode. This game mode automatically saves recent matches, allowing players to revisit them using advanced controls.

The replay mode playback functionality includes the ability to move around the game during the match, view yourself in third person, speed up and slow down the playback speed, and more. This is the tool behind some of the shots featured in these showcased videos, including scenes that wouldn't be possible by using regular gameplay footage.

Check out the rest of the Fortnite Halloween short films on Epic's game blog.