Epic adds official Fortnite Creative submission page for creators

Epic has introduced a new and improved way to submit Fortnite Creative content. Starting today, players can use an official submission page to deliver their maps for Epic's evaluation. This page replaces the hashtags that were previously used on social media to get Epic's attention, helping players get a chance at having their content featured as an island or on The Block.Fortnite players have two different ways to get their Creative islands and structures featured: Featured Island and The Block. The first of the two, Featured Island, is exactly what it sounds like: the chance to have your Creative island featured on the Fortnite Creative hub for other players to experience.

The Block, meanwhile, is the large concrete slab in the battle royale island where Epic features specific structures and environments as temporary named locations. Players have a chance at being featured in either spot by submitting their creations to Epic Games for evaluation.

Before now, players had to submit their creations to Epic using a hashtag, but now the company has a Google Docs submission form. Players will need their Epic ID to submit their content, as well as a Discord account, information about their submission, and confirmation that it meets the company's criteria.

Players should review Epic's guidelines before creating content. Generally speaking, Featured Island requirements include unique designs, clear game runs, a mix of game types, and an 'aesthetically pleasing' design. Block guidelines include unique designs and levels, significant landmarks, and otherwise engaging, interesting construction.