Epic accidentally reveals Fortnite Winter Trials with rewards and tournaments

It's not every day that Epic accidentally leaks its own upcoming Fortnite plans, but that's exactly what happened. Fans noticed that Epic published — and then quickly deleted — a web page for an event called Fortnite Winter Trials, including details about a tournament starring popular streamers, rewards, and more.

It seems that Epic didn't mean to publish the Fortnite Winter Trials web page as evidenced by the fact that it was soon deleted. That deletion didn't happen fast enough, however, and known game data-miner HYPEX managed to capture a video of the full page before it was taken down.

It seems the upcoming event will include some new winter-themed skins, including a creepy variation of Crackshot. As well, players will be able to earn some Winter Trials badges quickly by logging into their Epic account, playing Fortnite for 20 minutes, and supporting a team.

Based on the leaked page, supporting a team seems to refer to the streamers tapped to participate in a Winter Trials tournament. Badges will let players get rewards, including a new weapon wrap and what appears to be a new emote image, as well as a unique spraypaint design.

There are a total of 12 rewards listed on the page, the three aforementioned ones made visible while the remainder were kept hidden. As for the tournament, the 'Influencer Leaderboard' listed on the Winter Trials page lists streamers Nick Eh 30, SypherPK, Nate Hill, EMADGG, and 72hrs.

Supporting one of the teams will involve clicking a thumbs-up button next to their team name on the leaderboard. Players will also vote for the next challenge in the trials, options of which involve solo missions like 'The Mercenary,' 'The Bounty Hunter,' and 'The Pacifist.'

As for dates, the leaked page shows individual and team challenges taking place on January 26, 27, 29, and 30. The group tournaments, meanwhile, list January 25 (today) as the start date, so it seems these details may not be entirely accurate. We'll know for sure once Epic officially announces the event.