Eos Triton Uses Gyroscope Technology to Transport You on One Wheel

There's plenty of concepts out there about what our cars of the future will look like. And, if we care basing it off the past, we can safely assume that they'll loose all their coolness in the design room floor. But, what are designers going to do when, if you lose the coolness, you lose the entire concept of the vehicle? That's exactly what would happen with the Eos Triton, which is designed from the usage of a single wheel, and using technology that's very real today.

As the title suggests, this concept vehicle, from Malaysian designer Priyanka Martin, the Eos Triton uses the same technology that you may have heard talked about recently. The same gyroscope technology that you'll find right now in the iPhone 4. But, sure, it would have to be on a much bigger scale, and probably a bit more advanced to make sure that you don't go rolling over onto your side.

Other features of this future-car include the fact that it's self-driving, and therefore it doesn't have any headlights. (We're not sure why that goes hand-in-hand, but hey, we won't ask questions). As for the aesthetics of the Triton, that's done on purpose. The distinct lighting, as well as markings, make it perfectly capable of being seen from great distances, even if you're looking straight down at it from the air. While we can't see the inside of the design, all we can hope is that it's at least somewhat comfortable in there — A/C, CD player, and bucket seats, please.

[via The Design Blog]