Eolic foldable wind generator don't need no stinkin' sun

A solar charger or solar powered device is all fine and good if you live in an area where there is ample sunlight. If you live in an area with heavy tree or cloud cover most of the year, a solar charger might not be ideal. A better option in some cases is a wind generator.Eolic is a foldable wind power generator that harnesses the breeze to make power for your gadgets. The cool part about the Eolic is its foldable and very portable design. The entire wind generator folds into a carry case that you can take camping or to the beach for power.

The idea behind the concept is to produce a portable wind generator that can replace the need for mains power in a home during an outage or when an area is recovering from a disaster. The device is made from aluminum and carbon fiber to keep weight down and the pole is telescopic to reach a height of somewhere around 18-feet (or three men as the developers put it). The thing is a concept so pricing and availability are unknown. The odds that Eolic will likely never make it to market are slim, but it is cool.