Envizions EVO 2 Android gaming console up for pre-order

If you like games on your Android smartphone like Angry Birds more than you like a bunch of the games on your home game console like the Wii or Xbox, Envizions has a new device for you. The device is an Android-powered gaming console that will plug into your TV via HDMI and stores games on the cloud. The console is called the EVO 2 and can be pre-ordered right now. It will include the HDMI cable, game console, and a remote when it ships.

The EVO 2 is a small box that measures 170mm L x 111mm W x 30mm T. It runs a Samsung 1.2GHz processor under the hood and will sell for $249 when it ships this fall. The console runs Android 2.2 and has 512MB of DDR2 inside. Storage for games will be on the cloud. The console can be pre-ordered right now for $15. Envizions says that the console will offer a real time gaming playlist and social friend connections.

Players will be able to earn points to use towards buying new games with EVO tokens. Envizions is also looking down the road and promises that in Q4 2011 an update will be coming that adds motion 3D sensor capability to the mix and other updates will be added periodically says Envizions. The console has an open design and will allow the gamer to modify it as they want. Devs will be able to start testing their software via website download in two weeks.

[via Android Community]