Entirely new 3D Legend of Zelda title revealed for Nintendo 3DS

This week the folks at Nintendo have released a big batch of information on their star handheld 3DS including none other than a brand new Legend of Zelda title! With this new Legend of Zelda game you'll find a completely new game build from the ground up – but with a universe that's set in the same environment as the 1992 classic "A Link to the Past". That fabulous Super Nintendo game remains fresh even today – and its experience will be jumped in upon by Link in full 3D action soon!

What you're working with here is the same environment – that's not the same as a re-issue of the game: don't get it twisted. Instead we've got what would essentially be like jumping in on the Death Star with a new Star Wars game. It's the same, but different.

Here you're getting a new set of mechanics, a new way of looking a the environment, and in the end: a whole new game. This game will be a top-down adventure which Nintendo says will reinvigorate the 2D world. You will still be getting a full 3D experience, on the other hand, and the fun you've had with the Zelda franchise thus far will burst forth upon your fingertips with the greatness that is the future of this game.

This game will introduce your ability to turn Link into a drawing, too!

When you flip yourself into a drawing on the wall of a dungeon with this new game, you'll be exploring the environment in a whole new way. While the bulk of this game does exist inside the top-down 2D way of looking at things, you'll find that the height of objects throughout the game will be creating a whole new way of running around. Watch out for windows!

Have a peek at the brand new 3D video in your eShop on the 3DS and see a preview courtesy of Nintendo above as well!

[via MTV News]