Entertainment Earth's Iron Man 2 Mark V Briefcase is Expensive Accessory

Creating replicas from movies is an age-old past time for a few out there, and when you've got a hit on your hands, you know it. For Entertainment Earth, their brand new Iron Man briefcase hits the nail right on the head with its design and aesthetics. Created from aluminum and painted bright red, with all of the right accents in place, and featuring an inside with laser-cut EVA foam, Stark logo, and leather pockets.

Unfortunately, the briefcase doesn't hold any secrets inside, like the Mark V armor that everyone wants. But, there are options. You could get the UD Replicas' Iron Man 2 Mark V motorocycle outfit, which does a good job of making you look like you're wearing a suit of armor. Or, you could just get yourself a suit, some sunglasses, and then carry the briefcase around, and call yourself Tony Stark. The briefcase itself will run you $459.99, and it's available right now.

[via Baller House]