Enevo One Collect smart sensor aims to make trash collection green

Every week, the garbage truck will show up at your home or apartment complex and empty the cans or dumpsters, repeating its process on the same schedule week after week. This is an efficient process in terms of collection, since it allows entire blocks to be emptied of their trash in one swoop, but it is decidedly unscientific and isn't necessarily the best collection method for the environment. This is what the Enevo One Collect smart sensor aims to change.

Rather than having local trash and recycling collections take place on static routes, the One Collect sensors provide new routes daily for collection services based on live information from trash and recycling bins located in the region. The sensor is fixed on the underside of the bin's lid, where it monitors refuse levels. When the level nears full, the bin is included in a list of cans and such that need to be emptied.

The information is transmitted over cellular networks to the Enevo servers. Users of the system can log into their account whenever they'd like and see current trash levels based on this information, as well as receiving alerts for times when the container is experiencing something out of the ordinary, such as being moved or getting hot. The date when the container will be full is estimated based on the rate at which it has been filled up, as well.

Overall statistics are provided that give a look at each container's history, and planning tools are available to help services best work out how to deal with the trash. Routes can the be sent to various systems used by collection services that take drivers to the bins that need to be emptied. There's a free trial system for regions that want to give it a run, and it is reportedly in use in Finland.

VIA: Gajitz