Energy Saver Bar - a power strip with a giant off switch

The Energy Saver Bar is a lot like that gadget that Belkin came up with, but far less cool. Essentially you plug in all of your home theater equipment, preferably the kind that won't suffer drastically from having its power completely cut, and then when you are done, you turn ever thing off, and then hit the button on this power strip and watch the energy savings go up.

The wire on the switch is 1.5 meters away, but for that "luxury" you pay 20 Euros instead of the 3-4 Euros of a normal power strip where you have to bend over to flip the same switch. It does, however, appear to also have straps built in so you can easily mount it, it appears a bit sturdier than most power strips, and it seems to have rotating receptacles so you can fill up the strip instead of wasting ports because the plug is too large, so, it could be worth it.

Belkin's design on the other hand came with a wireless switch that also looked cool, it also had more plugs on it, and it even had a pair that weren't shut off, so you'd have the option to leave some things running like your TiVo and SlingBox or your Router and Modem. However the Belkin option probably costs even more.

[via RedFerret]