Energizer Recharge batteries are made with 4% recycled batteries

About a year ago, Energizer rolled out new batteries that were made using 4% recycled batteries called Eco Advanced. The product was the first battery on the market to use recycled material from old batteries in its design. Energizer has now announced another green battery called Energizer Recharge, a rechargeable battery that is made using 4% recycled battery material.

"Energizer Recharge is another step forward in our vision that all Energizer batteries contain some amount of recycled battery materials," said Michelle Atkinson, Energizer Chief Consumer Officer. "Our scientists partnered with rechargeable suppliers to build on the knowledge and experience from Energizer EcoAdvanced and identified a process to use recycled content in our rechargeable batteries without sacrificing performance, an idea previously not thought possible by industry experts."

Energizer says that the new batteries can be recharged hundreds of times to save money and reduce the number of batteries thrown into landfills. The first batteries in the series are AA and AAA offerings, but other sizes will be produced as well covering all major battery types. Energizer says that by using recycled battery material, it has to mine less virgin materials to manufacture the new batteries.

The recycled battery material doesn't come from old AA or AAA batteries devices in your home might use the recycling process makes use of recycled hybrid vehicle batteries. The use of the old hybrid vehicle batteries marks the first use of recycled vehicle battery material.

"Consumers have expanded their definition of battery performance to more than just long lasting. They also want a responsible product," added Atkinson. "Energizer Recharge is the latest example of how we innovate with the consumer in-mind, building on our breakthrough Energizer EcoAdvanced battery."

It's unclear exactly when the Energizer Recharge batteries will be available to purchase or exactly how much the batteries will cost in retail locations. Energizer claims the rechargeable batteries will hold their charge for up to 12 months when not in use.

SOURCE: Energizer