Endomondo updated to support HealthKit, Health

Apple's HealthKit continues to gain momentum, and Endomondo is now there to track yours. An update to their app now supports HealthKit, so you can begin working that into your Health app routine straight away. With as powerful as Endomondo is, though, you may not have to.

By allowing your Endomondo app to talk to Health, you can start viewing your stats via Apple's lone app. When used in conjunction with various other apps, Health (or HealthKit, whichever you prefer) becomes an aggregate data format.

Endomondo's utility hasn't changed, so you'll still get all the great features you might want from a health app. It will track your active calories, as well as cycling, walking, or running distance. For walking or running, you'll even be able to use the treadmill — great for those winter evenings.

If you upgrade to premium, you'll get a personal training plan, and various other workout-focussed add-ons. If your goal is to get fit, that might be a good option.

HealthKit apps are still coming to fruition after a stuttered start for Apple's platform. An iOS update brought it in, but was quickly pulled for causing other issues. Now that Developers are starting to feel confident in iOS' stability, we'll start seeing more apps like Endomondo.

Health is especially handy for using multiple apps, and with a few apps like Endomondo, you can get a more well-rounded view of just what you've got going on.

Source: App Store