EnChroma Glasses Bring Color To The World Of Color Blind

Enchroma wants to color your world, especially if your vision is missing a few colors. Showcasing the new EnChroma specs is a short documentary entitled "Color for the Colorblind." This video will tug at your heart-strings. It puts a face on the perception of colorblindness, as we get to see how impaired color vision affects individual lives, dulling their perception of the world. Thanks to EnChroma's new glasses, a color-blind father can see his child's drawings in full color for the first time, and a man realizes he was missing out on good chunk of the rainbow.

The glasses from the video feature EnChroma Cx lenses. The science behind these lenses is simple. They don't add color, but filter and separate the colors instead using a technique called chromatic contrast enhancement. People with colorblindness cannot distinguish between two colors, often red and green. Instead of appearing as separate colors, the two are muddied together in a dull brownish gray tone. By separating the colors, the lenses add new dimension to those with obscured color vision.

For people with normal color vision, the Enchroma lenses make colors appear more vivid and act like a physical Instagram filter that can color your world. They could likely boost your mood, too, as we humans have the uncanny ability to cheer up when surrounded by vivid colors.

These lenses aren't the first gadget created to help the colorblind. Colorblind drivers can use traffic lights with unique designs, and gamers can play their favorite games like Borderlands 2 in colorblind mode, so they can still find all the hidden easter eggs without being hampered by dulled color vision.

If you are concerned that you can't see a full spectrum of color, Enchroma offers a free online test you can take to determine your level of color blindness. If you do find that you need these lenses, Enchroma has a range of stylish frames that come at with a steep price tag ranging from $324.95 USD to $449.95 USD.

VIA: boingboing